wa87 vs u87

The build and sound quality for the price are superb. I know sound is subjective but there seems to be a unanimous consensus that the u87 in this shootout was anything but natural. Although, the WA87 keeps up with the U87 in terms of audio quality. We compare the Warm Audio WA87 vs Neumann U87 to see how they perform and which one is the best for broadcasters. In this one they are almost identical except for the mid detail. Cookies, & It sounds more natural with a warmer tone. 87-Style Male Vocal Mic Shootout: Warm Audio WA87 vs. Neumann U87Ai vs. Peluso P87. Peluso p87 Stam audio sa87 Warm audio wa87 It's pretty much considered one of the best microphones available. It just wouldn't make sense to see how close the mic is to this particular u87, frequency for frequency. That sounds more like a VST piano where as the 87 sounds like a good Piano in a Good room! Which microphone is better? 2020. Honestly, both sound very similar and it can be hard to tell them apart at times. The highs were disgustingly hyped sounding compared to the wa87. Warm Audio now says that they’ve learned “a bunch more” about microphones since the WA-87 … I would say the WA87 is much closer than ballpark. i agree with the other posters; the Warm audio sounds warmer and the U87 sounds more focused with that extended top end. Which is the mind set to have in these type of scenarios because this particular u87 is gonna sound different than other u87s. The U87 is based on the very popular U67 which was used by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In this shootout, … Thanks for presenting this War! Copyright © Radio.co That's really the only fair mindset to have when comparing new gear to vintage gear that varies in sound between the same model of that era. Warm Audio WA-87 R2. This is most likely that variable. It's fair to say that this is a pretty iconic microphone. Heard the difference right away, (which to me is always funny because I don't think I've ever heard a clone or a copy that actually sounds the same), but because of the comments here I was thinking the natural sounding one must be the WA87, and the more upper middy hyped one was the U87. The mids on the wa87 sound pleasant to the ears. All rights reserved. I'd disagree with calling the mid range "hyped". It makes everything sound great. Bonny! I didn't link a shootout, so I don't know what you are talking about. ... U87 clone wars- p87 vs wa87 vs sa87. Microphone, Review Bandrew Scott April 21, 2020 Warm Audio WA-87, WA87, WA87 vs U87, Neumann U87 Ai, sE Electronics, sE4400a, JZ Mics Vintage 11, Multi-Patter Condenser … And I've never used any vintage gear, but my understanding is that most old U87s have slight sonic differences from each other anyway. Share Tweet. Of course the u87 is the point but we can hear the u87 sound in the wa87. Its wide range means you can use it to record voice-overs, broadcast live on your radio station, pick up instrumentals like acoustic guitars and pianos, and even capture ambient noises. It’s commonly used in recording studios for voice-overs, music, and live radio due to its range. There were some very slight differences, but I wouldn't say one sounded better than the other. Connect with listeners on any platform with our complete station management solution. Let us know in the comments. I don't know. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this shootout! When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Do you like that added low end on your female vocal tracks? Check out this shootout of theirs with the U87 (Vocals and Acoustic Guitars). After listen to all the clips. Whether you are recording podcasts, voice-overs, music sessions, or broadcasting live, this has something for everyone. Terms and Conditions. We tested the new Warm Audio WA-87 microphone vs an original Neumann U87 (not AI...) on drums, acoustic guitar, grand piano and female vocals here at ZenPro Audio. Overall I preferred the smoothness and bottom end of the U87 but the Warm picks up more of the mid range especially on the drums when you turn up the volume and snare appears. Just like the WA87, it’s a great all-purpose mic so it doesn't matter whether you are recording vocals or instruments with it. For some reason the Clipalator always sounds like I'm listening through a telephone or something, I'm not sure what's going on with the audio quality. Until last year, I was the proud owner of a very nice-sounding original Neumann U87… I can assure you that the original U87 used in our shootout is clean, unmodified, and falls in the "sounds like a U87" range (of course all mics sound a bit different. There is only slight differences...for the money the WA87 is a fair deal.... u87 is a more focused sounding, but damn pretty close clone! Just more sizzle on the hi mids and top end.

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