watermore primary school

School Meals Winter Menu 2020 . South Gloucestershire Local Authority (LA) determines the school’s admission policy. Home; Our School. It should now be easier to find all the information. School meals are cooked at school and served in the halls. If more than the Standard Number of pupils apply for places in any one year group, then we are ‘oversubscribed’ and the Local Authority deals with the offers of places. Parents are asked to register their interest at our school as early as possible to inform the school of future numbers. For more information go to http://www.southglos.gov. Curriculum Overviews. At this meeting, arrangements are made for the children to make visits to school to meet the teacher and other children in their class. Menu. Welcome; Vision and Values; Prospectus; Ofsted Report; Assessment Most of our children go on to Winterbourne International Academy. If more than the Standard Number of pupils apply for places in any one year group, then we are ‘oversubscribed’ and the Local Authority deals with the offers of places. This application should be completed and returned to South Gloucestershire promptly. The LA operates a ‘rising fives’ policy which means that children who are 4 by 31st August generally start school in September of that year. Children can have a school cooked meal or bring their own packed lunch. During the Summer Term, prior to entry, an evening meeting is held for parents. It is also an opportunity for parents to discuss any particular concerns or queries. In September before your child starts school, the LA application form can be accessed online or from the local pre-schools and libraries. Standard Number. BS36 2LE. URN: 136066. Frampton Cotterell. We send home a menu seasonally but also arrange special meals to celebrate occasion's (e.g. Applications to secondary school are made online. Information related to school transfer at eleven years old is detailed by the Local Authority on a dedicated website, live from September each year. If you've got a child starting school in September 2021, join us for a Teams open day meeting on Wednesday 18th November or Thursday 3rd December at 9.30am, 2pm or 6.30pm. Video Tour and Introduction to Reception 2021. We hope that this will give you a taste, of our happy, industrious school. Watermore Primary School, in Frampton Cotterell, has told pupils in Year 4 and Year 6 to self-isolate following a positive covid-19 test in each year group. Home; Our School. Children who attend the local pre-schools are also invited to the Infants on a group visit to the school with their pre-school teachers, and the class teacher will visit the nursery/pre-school where possible. Parents are notified whether a place is available later in March the following year. In September following their eleventh birthday, children move to secondary school. that you need, but if there is something you cannot find, please get in touch. Starting school can be a big step for a child and we try to ensure that each child is helped to settle in happily and quickly. These induction arrangements give children an opportunity to become familiar with the teacher and the school surroundings. During the first four weeks in September, children attend on a part-time basis, so that the teacher can get to know them in a smaller group before the whole class attends together. Parents have told us that they find these visits very helpful, but if you would prefer to meet the teacher at school we are happy to arrange this. For more information on school admissions you can contact South Gloucestershire Council, http://www.southglos.gov.uk/education-and-learning/schools-and-colleges/school-admissions/, What are we Learning? More information about these arrangements is given during the summer term. Subscribe to our newsletter and keep up with the latest news and events. If you wish to enrol your child here, please contact us to arrange a visit so that we can show you around and arrange a suitable time for your child to visit.

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