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You can, however, easily adapt it if you plan to hold a webinar on your own. Calls-to-action can prompt attendees to visit your website, make a purchase, avail of an offer, or to sign up for another webinar. GetResponse. Have you ever wondered why some people are extremely persuasive when giving webinar presentations and always seem to land a ton of sales from them? The live webinar room interface is well-built and every interaction and presentation tool is on the left-hand side, right at your fingertips. A webinar, or web-based seminar, is a presentation, lecture, workshop, or seminar delivered over the internet via video conferencing software.A key feature of a webinar is that it is interactive. Remember to have one overarching subject for your presentation. The images should be relevant to the content of your webinar. Almost two hours into the webinar at time stamp 1:49:18 we invited the audience to join us live on audio. Read more about Ronita, Copyright © In this guide, you’ll find our best webinar promotion strategies plus tips on how to sell more with your online presentations. They’re also great list building sources – no matter if you’re running them real-time or using them as evergreen lead magnets. Create a Webinar Presentation Template. When designing a webinar presentation that will be shared with a live audience, you should follow specific steps to ensure a good result. Want to maximize the impact of your next webinar? Ensure your brand logo is placed on every slide. Consider using a mind map template to streamline your ideas so that your message isn’t confusing to the audience. Pozea : Webinar, Seminar & Conference PowerPoint. 52 minutes, the average time people stay on a webinar, is a long time to just listen to someone talk. The highlights that make it a fantastic case study: You don’t have to do a demo to go deep. During the question and answer (Q&A) portion of your presentation, you want to avoid getting caught out by the attendees. We all have things to attend to and it’s better to manage expectations and show that you value your target audience’s time. persuasive webinar, webinar examples, webinar presentation. Intercom does a really good job of this in the webinar library that is part of their resource center. What that tells you is that webinar audiences are ready to go deep. How to Create A Jaw-Dropping Webinar Presentation Without Any Design Chops, 8 Overlooked Webinar Promotion Tactics so Powerful they’re Worth Your Time, I never send spam & you can unsubscribe anytime. Attendees like to receive an agenda so they know how long the presentation will last, and an outline does that job. See the terms & privacy policy here. We’ve outlined the steps for creating presentations, but there are some best practices that you should follow to create a connection between your attendees and your business. You can also use this outline later as a content index, which will act as markers for the presentation when you share it with your audience. It can be larger on the title and thank you slides. Make the presentation easier to navigate for your audience by hyperlinking the index to relevant slides, as this will allow users to get to the section that concerns them most. Run a trial of your presentation using the actual webinar software to give yourself more practice with the controls and viewing methods. You want to avoid them when positioning yourself as a thought leader through your webinars. See the, Go to minute 12:20 in the recording for a great example, This webinar Andy Crestodina hosted for AWeber. And if you need some handholding to take heart, that’s more than ok. I’d be very happy to be your webinar coach and consultant . This webinar Andy Crestodina hosted for AWeber is delivered in traditional presentation style but the content it delivers is exceptional. Read on for plenty of webinar presentation examples and tips. We will have short breaks during a presentation and a Q&A session at the end to answer your questions. Follow Brand Guidelines. Now that you know your audience, define your goal for the presentation. Participants will be tuning in with different signal strengths, and screens freezing up or becoming pixelated can make it difficult for people to read a lot of text. Too often they’re also a pretty dull affair you wouldn’t be able to put into a “best of”. ?” webinar. You could even feature your past presentations on your webinar landing pages and share them in your post-webinar emails. I never send spam & you can unsubscribe anytime. One of the best features of this webinar presentation example is a video placeholder. I have a more in-depth post covering 14 fun & different webinar formats to try. How to Create a Webinar Presentation: Examples & Tips. Too often they’re also a pretty dull affair you wouldn’t be able to put into a “best of”. Promote it in 9 easy steps. Using visuals instead will make the transmission of information easier, but choose your visuals wisely. Now I run my own online event consultancy and am on a mad mission to end all dull webinars by sharing the best of what we've learned so you can skip the learning curve and turn your webinars into an instant hit. You can find great webinar slides templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Since webinars are streamed online, practice looking at your audience through the webcam. It goes without saying that before going live with any content — social media campaigns, landing pages, or a webinar — you need to thoroughly research your subject matter. Create a Webinar Presentation Template, 10 strategies for increasing sales with conversion funnels, Ensure your brand logo is placed on every slide. They’re also great for listing – it doesn’t matter if you’re running them in real time or using them as perennial lead magnets. Use these webinar slides to create an engaging online presentation. You can also use memes to add some humor to the presentation, but choose them according to your topic. The presenters take live questions from the audience all throughout the webcast. It’s an in-depth tutorial for pulling of crazy cool eLearning stunts with just PowerPoint. Each webinar has its own distinct flavor but they’re all produced in a studio setting that makes the end result look both polished and personable.

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