what are the six basic elements of enterprise architecture

UML Elements. EA analysis and design are accomplished through the following six basic elements: (1) an EA documentation framework, and (2) an implementation methodology that support the creation of (3) current and (4) future views of the architecture, as well as the development of (5) an EA Management Plan to manage the enterprise’s transition from current to future architectures. The other 5 more elements include dot, line, shape, texture, and colour. "The objective of the enterprise architecture effort is to clearly know what the enterprise is, what are its critical components, and to set all the descriptions of these components into their proper relationship with othe components," he writes. An architect thinks about their designs in terms of these architecture principles, but they are primarily used as a tool to understand what the design achieves. They are contained in a repository and are depicted in diagrams connected by relationships to create narratives that describe the enterprise, business or software system. UML elements are the building blocks of a model. Information technology enterprise architecture, in short enterprise architecture (EA), has been developed with the aim of increasing IT manageability and removing the above mentioned in efficiencies. Create a Mobile App Development Strategy for your Business. Enterprise architecture gives a holistic specification about the strategy, key activities, information and organizational technologies and functions and their effects on business processes. There are 6 main elements and form, space are some of them. The table below classifies and describes 17 components of an enterprise architecture. Most Popular Posts. Enterprise software architecture refers to an architecture developed for the organized growth and development of a company’s information […] Read More. All works should incorporate these elements in the design because it defines the creation on… You have to keep in mind that some of the ordering architecture principles are similar & can be hard to distinguish because these terms are all interrelated & frequently overlap. By appstudio November … The Elements These elements are the bare essentials and hold the greatest importance in a work.

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