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Unlike many of the other Transformers (who were given World War II vehicle alternate modes) Megatron would keep his basic Walther P38 handgun transformation, which was indeed a WWII German handgun. The character profile the magazine provided sheds a little more light on Megatron's desire to possess the Allspark. Although Magmatron had ambitions to stage a coup like Megatron, he did not want to reveal his intentions to the Tripredacus Council yet and aimed to capture Megatron for them as his mission required, to divert suspicion. When Optimus Prime steals the staff as Nemesis Prime, Megatron steals it himself and takes it to Stonehenge, where he uses it to open a portal that will allow Quintessa to destroy Earth (revealed to be Unicron) before killing Sir Edmund Burton and facing off against the Autobots and Optimus in battle. black hole is somewhere around a googolplex, and in a comparable Buried and deactivated beneath the ice, Galvatron was recovered by the evil entity, Dark Nova, and reformatted into Super Megatron and later on as Ultra Megatron, going on to battle Star Convoy (a similarly reborn Optimus Prime). ", "Comparison between CGI models of Megatron's original face design and the design used in the film", "Megatron was here by ~Stiffy-tha-lord on deviantART", "The 10 Best Toys of 2010 – Topless Robot – Nerd news, humor and self-loathing", "MTV.com – Learn How Bumblebee Lost His Voice in This Short Story from, "Entertainment/OnlineGames/GameSelect/Action Games/Transformers/Transformers Battle Circuit", "Transformers Cyberverse Battle Builder Game | Cyberverse", "Collectors Edition Transformers Monopoly", "Animation Corner: Transformers Satire For FrankTV", "If Lions transform into winner, 'Megatron' wins", "The 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Upgrades In Beast Wars History", "The 12 Strangest Transformers Beast Wars Figures By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, Toys Wednesday, Jul. When Sentinel reveals his true intentions to the Autobots, Megatron arrives in Washington, D.C. to meet with him. Megatron and Starscream soon arrive in Egypt, and he commands his Decepticons (including several Constructicons and Starscream) to prevent Sam from getting the Matrix of Leadership to Optimus and retrieve it for the Fallen's machine. In Korea, the character has been established as being the same character as Beast Wars II Galvatron. The back story of Megatron is told in both Transformers: Defiance and issue #1 of the Transformers: Movie Prequel comic. Ripping open one of the cars, Megatron berated Soundwave for being captured so easily, until it was revealed it was simply a hologram of his communications officer. comic strip, although I suspect that may have been surpassed recently It shows that he got his name originated from the original name of the Fallen, Megatronus Prime. [7] Megatron is eventually defeated by Optimus during the melee over the staff when he has his arm sliced off and is kicked out of Quintessa's chamber into thin air. Megatronus commissioned Solus Prime to create the Requiem Blaster. During the invasion of Chicago, Sentinel violently demoralizes Megatron after the latter makes a suggestion of how they will rule Cybertron together after it has arrived through the Space Bridge. Most of the Decepticons return for the final mission, Decepticons Attack. Realizing that he is outnumbered, Megatron transforms into tank mode and shoots the roof, which collapses on Optimus and Sideswipe. Megatron appeared in the 2008 BotCon voice-actor play "Bee in the City", voiced by David Kaye. In the final battle with Unicron, Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scavenger attacked Megatron and knocked him into Unicron's mouth, where he was devoured alive. Budiansky responded that as the lead villain, that was the point. In the three years since the events of Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron has been hiding out in Africa healing his wounds, and taking care of the hatchlings. [12], In the Transformers Manga #5, Galvatron and his Decepticons attacked the Prime Energy Tower. and to make calculations involving these numbers, use Googolplex and Infinity. actual Milky Way as we know it. Caught between this and the Ore-13 charged Decepticons, the Reapers were soon annihilated, and Galvatron left with the body of Sixshot. However, the ancient Autobot, Alpha Trion, reconstructed Pax into a battle hardy configuration—now, he was Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and Megatron's sworn opponent as the civil war erupted again. After losing Optimus Prime and Sari to the Transtech incarnation of Shockwave, Bumblebee and Flareup meet Megatron, who goes by the name of "Joe" to avoid any attraction. This historical video was stock footage from the original animated series. several minutes of episode 9 discusses googol and After receiving a signal from Soundwave emitting from a bullet train, Megatron arrived on the other side of the tunnel the train was emerging from and derailed it. Megatronus's history would be retconned in Transformers: The Covenant of Primus, which depicts him in more tragic light and omits his involvement with Unicron. Megatron is among the characters who appear in the TRANSFORMERS CVBERVERSE Battle Builder Game.[53]. cease to be a black hole and instead be real matter. The Autobots attempt to hide the Allspark, but Megatron sees through the ruse and launches a full-scale attack, during which the Allspark is launched into space. Only Optimus Prime can be compared with him in force. (3.01607×103576838408). in a higher "shell", a separate proton and electron, a neutron, or Megatron's followers soon began launching terrorist attacks which he denied involvement in, and he arranged through Orion to appear before the High Council of Cybertron. There Megatron argued for the destruction of the old system, while Orion called for reform; it was after their appeals that the Council renamed Orion, dubbing him Optimus Prime and charging him with seeking out the Matrix of Leadership. In Transcendent Shockwave kidnapped Breakaway to examine him under the orders of Megatron. Eventually fighting for the restoration of Cybertron and cyberforming of Earth, which was foiled by Optimus, but Megatron had his revenge and used the Nemesis to destroy the Autobot base before setting up the new fortress of Darkmount. In Games of Decepticon, Megatron detects the arrival of Bugbite's ship on Earth and sends Starscream, Skywarp and Ramjet to investigate. He later leads an attack on the Autobot's Ark launch site. The Autobot victory in the war began the Golden Age of Cybertron, but a viper lurked within this paradise, as the Decepticons too eventually developed transformation, leading to the creation of Megatron. Bob Budiansky, the writer for the Marvel Comics series, stated that originally Hasbro took issue with the name, saying it sounded too frightening. When Cybertron's trip through the Space Bridge fails, Megatron slyly proposes a truce to Optimus, so long as he remains in charge of the Decepticon forces. Megatron also kidnaps two CIA agents to bargain for the release of a new "crew" to help him hunt Yeager. Chuquet system, but is better known by the name ), as well as other alien-related activities. of a galaxy") would take 1098 years to evaporate, Adams says that [51], Beast Era Megatron appears in the 1999 Game Boy Color video game Kettō Transformers Beast Wars: Beast Senshi Saikyō Ketteisen. [4] Director Michael Bay described him as "apocalyptic". about 10100 years (see Future of an expanding universe). Additionally, some toy makers have made unlicensed toys in his image, or accessories for the existing toys. Megatron was featured in the 2006 BotCon tale Timelines: Dawn of Futures Past, which picked up where the Dreamwave story left off. 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Though he has lost the Allspark and his troops, Megatron is nonetheless satisfied, declaring that the weak all deserve to die and only serve to benefit the strong. Megatron would also appear in Dreamwave's Transformers/G.I.

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