what is an example of content on social media

Home > Content Marketing > 7 Types of Social Media Content That Drive Most Engagement – What Experts Say (& Real Life Examples) 7 Types of Social Media Content That Drive Most Engagement – What Experts Say (& Real Life Examples) by Disha Dinesh March 13, 2017. But how should you use social channels to promote your brand? For example, consider repurposing some of your blog posts for text-driven animated videos that share the same content in a new way. Whole Foods took advantage of the #cartgoals hashtag by sharing this photo from another user on Instagram, featuring a filled shopping cart in one of their stores. Tip: Try pairing interesting one-liners or quotes with carefully chosen stock images to show the fun side of your brand. You can get creative with apps like PINS to make fun visual posts, or simply add stickers and text to photos. It will help the posts be seen by even more people. People love to be asked their opinion, and many social media platforms make it easy to do that. [irp posts=”31863″ name=”11 Strategies Top Content Marketers Use to Encourage User-Generated Content”]. One example would be Hootsuite’s annual Social Trends Report, which includes data based on a survey of thousands of social marketers. Even serious topics can be entertaining. Think about how you can make these polls and surveys fun. Give your social media followers the feeling that they’re company insiders by sharing a sneak peek at what you have coming up. When you share these posts, be sure to tag the accounts of the reporter and outlet and use any relevant hashtags. That means you’re leaving reach and engagement on the table if you aren’t sharing video content on your channels. Visual infographic posts can be a great way to share a lot of information quickly. To build awareness, Cisco recruited 20 employees from around the world and asked each one to create a Snapchat story about what it’s like to work at the company. Read the step-by-step social media strategy guide. Tips often work well on social because they play into the need to be brief. Using the “voice” of the animals in their social media posts, they instantly create more powerful messages that their audience will remember. pic.twitter.com/N7ehUWsb3d, — Hootsuite (@hootsuite) November 21, 2019. A post shared by CoLab Software (@colabsoftware). Or, give followers a photographic peek into the creative process behind your work, whether it’s a look at products getting packaged for shipping or some shots of event preparations. The user-generated content provided the brand with lots of quality images of their products in the real world. Then repin the best user-generated pins to your public board. Have fun! IKEA’s Instagram Stories featured slider polls, complete with starry-eyed emojis, asking followers how much they liked different bedroom setups. This is a twist on product photos. First, keep in mind that you want to post a wide variety of content on social media. Reading Time: 9 minutes. Vox does a lot of interesting things with video, including short explainer videos that include still photos and animation along with video clips. It can take years to build trust in your brand, but showcasing real people who work at your company can build a personal connection with your audience much more quickly. Do you want to up your social media game? Have someone—an influencer, an industry figure, an employee—do a guest takeover of your social media accounts. Tip: Set up a separate Twitter account that is focused on customer service. In this video they have a bit of fun with U.S. Democratic candidate for president Julian Castro and his twin brother Juan, who is also a politician. The aesthetic of these posts matters more for some platforms than for others. The charity also uses trending news stories to fuel their social media campaign, referencing the infamous “covfefe” tweet in one Facebook post to highlight their message5.

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