what is mobile ad targeting

Web-based advertising offers a wide array of creative formats, including video, display, high impact creatives and native spec and is generally less expensive compared to many methods of traditional advertising as well as in-app advertising. Mobile Targeting – Relevante Werbekampagnen für mobile Devices, Why Mobile Ad Targeting Can Potentially Be More Accurate Than Desktop, https://de.ryte.com/wiki/index.php?title=Mobile_Targeting&oldid=17378, Geo-Targeting – bezieht sich auf den Standort des Users, Wochentag-/Uhrzeit-Targeting – bezieht sich auf zeitabhängiges Nutzerverhalten, WLAN/3G-Targeting – bezieht sich auf die Internetverbindung, Endgerät-Targeting – bezieht sich auf den Gerätetyp des Users. Herausforderungen stellen beispielsweise die unterschiedlichen Betriebssysteme (iOS, Android), Restriktionen bei den Werbeflächen (keine Autoplay-Video-Ads) [4] oder nicht übergreifende Tracking-Methoden dar. Unlike mobile apps which are personally selected/downloaded by a user from a marketplace of nearly 2 million, the mobile web is a standard feature on any and every smartphone. With mobile targeted advertising, you define the geographic location where your ads will appear. Mobile Targeting ist die individualisierte Zielgruppenansprache auf mobilen Endgeräten. 1.1Mobile Advertising and Targeting Mobile advertising now constitutes the largest share of total digital ad spend (eMarketer, 2019). All Rights Reserved. An dessen Standort sind gleich mehrere Kontext-Informationen geknüpft, wie zum Beispiel Wetterbedingungen, Zeitzone oder Geschäfte in der Nähe. What types of content are they consuming within the different platforms? These ads have excellent user-tracking properties, and allow Sei immer einen Schritt voraus: Erhalte jeden Monat Insights zu digitalen Marketing Themen wie SEO und Website Qualitätsmanagement! So wird die Kaufwahrscheinlichkeit erhöht. Generally speaking, mobile apps fall within one of the following categories: The ad format, placement, and creative formats vary depending upon mobile app. Mobile marketing ad formats, customization, and styles can vary, as many social media platforms, websites, and mobile apps offer their own unique and tailored mobile ad options. Für das Mobile Marketing eröffnet sich somit ein enormes Potential. Gaming banners are, generally speaking, “cheap” buys. So können etwa Cookies nur auf mobilen Webseiten und nicht in Apps gesetzt werden. This method is particularly useful for local businesses looking to reach and/or retarget specific audiences, or for brands that are running product promotions at select brick and mortar locations. How are consumers spending their time on their devices? So kann deren aktueller Kontext ermittelt und nach diesem ausgerichtete Werbeinhalte geschaltet werden. What was once specified as the “mobile internet” is now simply regarded as “the internet.”, However, when trying to increase your digital advertising reach through mobile targeting strategies, there are myriad factors to consider, often resulting in many questions that need answering…. Targeting mobile ads execution is different from your typical ad campaigns. Focus on location. So now that you’re no longer questioning IF you should advertise on mobile, the next question becomes WHERE on mobile should you advertise? Often, suppliers will offer flexible pricing models depending on the advertiser’s objectives - ie. As privacy concerns continue to heighten and data targeting becomes more regulated and therefore difficult, contextual targeting solutions can be used to target users based on sentiment and emotion. This form of targeting requires identifying publishers that over-index for a certain target audience and layering on emotion and sentiment to further deliver the brand’s messaging within the right context. Durch Mobile Targeting kann nun gezielt kontextabhängige Werbung orientiert an der Customer Journey geschaltet und an den User ausgespielt werden, wie etwa das Anzeigen lokaler Händler oder Veranstaltungstipps aus der Umgebung. What is audience targeting? Mobile is now uniformly recognized by brand marketers not as a discretionary platform for advertising, but rather as a key component to a brand’s overall marketing strategy. Mobile ads are the advertising world’s answer to a consumer world that is hooked on to their phone screens or mobile gadgets. Mobile is disrupting the way people engage with brands. making mobile the number one screen in time spent, officially bypassing TV in 2019. © Copyright 2020 Kargo. Advertisers will place these cookies on a website with the website operator’s permission. Gleichzeitig möchten die User auf ihren mobilen Geräten möglichst wenig Werbung sehen, da diese wegen der kleineren Displays schneller als störend empfunden wird und geradezu „im Weg steht“ [1]. With Location Extensions, you can help nearby customers easily find you. Das Mobile Targeting steht noch am Anfang seiner Entwicklung. – that enhance campaign performance by identifying content that enhances brand recall. Often overlooked, you’ll quickly find that mobile advertising and targeting capabilities can be a key component to your overall digital advertising strategy. For businesses in the restaurant industry, targeting sporting app users during major sporting events can create a never-before-seen ROI. Die erwartete Wachstumsrate für Desktop Online Ads im selben Zeitraum wird im Vergleich mit gerade mal 15 Prozent betitelt [6]. Using Comscore, IBM and other proprietary tools to identify contextual signals, advertisers can target a specific audience and layer on emotion and sentiment to further target a brand’s message. Diese tracken über eine Geräte-ID (Bsp. Ad targeting is an advertisement technique where advertisements are placed in specific areas of the screen to increase visibility and "clickability" or to give tailor-made ads based on the user’s past behaviors and preferences. Apple: IDFA, Google: Advertising ID). Dieses funktioniert nach denselben Prinzipien wie das Tracking und das Retargeting am stationären Computer: User werden markiert und anschließend werden ihnen Anzeigen für Produkte bzw. Often overlooked, you’ll quickly find that mobile advertising and targeting capabilities can be a key component to your overall digital advertising strategy. Having an understanding of the basic fundamentals of Mobile Targeting is the first step to advancing towards customized solutions to meet your marketing objectives. Target smartphones and tablets. are consuming 70% of web browsing activity on mobile. Mobile phone advertising can occur as text-based ads, banner advertisements, videos or even as mobile games. Trends that have been evident for several years continue to hold true while a new form of device targeting—multiscreen targeting—is emerging in response to consumers’ increased use of multiple web-enabled devices.

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