what is the nature of leadership

A leader can encourage or dampen workers’ motivation by creating a favorable or unfavorable working environment in the organization. Leadership is to be concerned about values. This involves the process of leader-ship and the choice of an appropriate form of behaviour. The leader must be able to empower and motivate the followers to the cause. Leadership … In fact, “leadership” and “management” are different. @�� ��A�Kr��3�_� /�B|DqpG�$ �"Oh僿9��j�� �ǩ_E��ڊ~84�՟��q�~��{���B���E!��=����=+� /lʓ I5��އ���:��u�>(R�� L��J���эMղSՏ��$ʂ�?V��^��5��Z"��l��F�t{6"ܪ��s36bpL��r.���Y�k7�N��[%!>d?l�+������U� Such qualities include; ability to inspire the other, ability, to understand human behavior, the ability of verbal assertiveness, willingness to take the risk. There can be leaders of completely unorganized groups, but there can be managers only of organized groups. Understanding the Essence of Leadership Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Leadership derives from the power and is similar to, yet distinct from, management. Leadership and motivation are closely interconnected. The different types of leadership may be discussed under the following heads: So it can be described as leading a process by which a person leads others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Nature and Characteristics of Leadership. In the course of his survey of leadership theories and research; Stogdill came across innumerable definitions of leadership. Leadership is both a process and a property. • The controversy about differences between leadership and management • The different indicators used to assess leadership effectiveness • What aspects of leadership have been studied the most during the past 50 years? For our purpose, we may define leadership as the process of directing and influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically towards the achievement of group objectives. Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically. There is no best style of leadership. Leadership style is the result of the leader’s philosophy, personality, value system, and experience. Leaders are required to develop a future vision and to motivate the organizational members to achieve the visions. Still, the leader will usually have more power than the group members. }����Ay��U;���G�\K���?�[�b?-FT����k�9.��*��������b�~&�B�w�Wq���t����k��բiT���Q2SdS��2���cp(�Ot 9/O}C.��`�_����U�� DK�>�ij ���Q�~�� �N�D�9�(�-�r���J�J �i��&��i�Ex�=;R��0��#�F��N]�e96Y��e?��Δ� �����l+F1g��:cƙ8c�@�����K��c�S���Y�Xɑ7�r͒�;OҔஉ��+�ƌX퀲h0c�N�x�N��a/�B �sR�O��3�(�e�Dc3u����GU�рڗ���j:���������xBKV]���l���*K�P��vÏ�/�Y�&�|[�ZR��p@�av��c��L�=��������BM��F�]'� K���k�E�I ��$#)�3�Sl�f��������� Hu.���|$TU��Z0����K`Y������3^+�ڮ�4���s|Z��{��\`��!8�O����ԋ�q�D�e�����h"w4�'���g�]�Ќ�fQt�fgÕ�1gbר�P�QF����m�d��Ʀ�{yJ����ŷH�F3Ϡ�%X�CQ��(ILt���p�i��E����р�C���:�롟�Hb�Q�$`ޙowfq�7�� ��hɟ�h&lс�]j�J�x{����[���j3 Leadership can simply be defined as the ability to influence others. It is also defined as the capacity to influence a group towards the realization of a goal. By understanding motivation, one can appreciate better what people want and why they act as they do. It all depends upon tackling with the situations. This creates loyalty and trust in subordinates for their leader. An analysis of the definitions cited above reveals the following important characteristics of leadership: 1. Leadership is the potential to influence the behavior of others. Ideally, people should be encouraged to develop not only a willingness to work but also a willingness to work with confidence and zeal. The leader must have the strength, power, and ability to meet the bodily requirements; zeal, energy, and patience to meet the mental requirements for leading.

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