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An amplifier sends this audio signal as a current to the speaker. The Loadbox can also be used as a straight transformer balanced DI, or to convert almost any amp into a headphone amp for rehearsing. Parallel Effects Loops, Guitar Speakers Explained | The Basics, Series & Parallel Wiring. The amp is the key to the door marked ‘tone’. We use only the highest grade components for the best sound and reliability, plus we have housed the Superlead in a heavy duty, yet light weight aluminum housing. So the total water current gets less. The high-gain and ultrahigh-gain tones will now give you a tighter, more complex and harmonically rich sound with lots of definition, depth and of course tons of power. Building the best Combos, Heads, Cabinets and Powersoaks. Also, you can see that there’s a peak value of 6.5 ohms at 100Hz, this is called the resonance frequency of the speaker. In a tap water installation if you place a second tap behind the first tap (in series), the second tap lets only a part of the water through that comes from the first tap. The two effects loops on the back panel offer you the possibility to connect your effects unit in series or parallel. A speaker on the other hand has an ohm value that depends on the frequency, therefore this ohm value is called AC resistance or impedance (Z). So keep this in mind if you have a tube amp; always connect a speaker or a dummy load to your tube amp, never play it without speaker or power attenuator/dummybox connected. The lowest value is 3.47 ohm (at 400Hz) and the highest is 12 ohm (at 20 KHz). Although it just looks like it’s no more than just two jack inputs, a “Send” and a “Return”, there is so much more behind it! We’ve got some new designs for you "made by Sweetest design" in Amsterdam! This means that when a speaker loads the amp, the power which the amp generates depends on the frequency, because the impedance of the speaker varies with the frequency. For both Live and Recording situations we’ve included a Recording/PA direct output on the back panel of the amp. The Koch Superlead is the perfect tube powered preamp for rehearsal, recording, touring and fly-ins where you need to take 'your sound' with you. From pristine clean tones all the way through to exciting high-gain tones with infinite sustain the Powertone III will amaze you. Whether recording, performing or rehearsing, let your amp run at its fattest juiciest and loudest level….and use the Loadbox to tame the output to a user friendly volume. With these two channels and OTS circuit you can create any sound you have always been dreaming of. The Powertone-III also features two separate switchable Master Volumes. But why in ohms? The Powertone III is available in a 50Watts or 100Watts version. There is only one amplifier out there that can match the gristle and gravitas of the one and only Greg Koch. On the other hand, if you connect two speakers in parallel (see diagram below or, by plugging the second speaker in the extension output of you amp or speaker box), both speakers will draw current from the amp. Koch Amps are the Dutch leaders in the design and manufacture of guitar amplifiers. Normally, full power is given at 4 ohms, half power at 8 ohms and a quarter power at 16 ohms. The output voltage increases when the load decreases. integrating the amp in a rack system. Both outputs can be used simultaneously. The picture to the left shows how the impedance of an average 4 ohm speaker varies with the frequency. As described above solid state amps lose their output power in a lineair way: the higher the impedance, the less output power. ... Tube amps made in the 50s and 60s have no effect loops simply because there were no effect units. With the OTS Drive control you can add a great sounding tube saturation to both Channel 1 & 2 while the OTS Volume control allows you to boost (or cut) your volume. In addition to that, the new Depth control gives you an incredible boost in the low end. Koch Amplification. Both loops can be bypassed with an FS2 footswitch or a MIDI switcher. This current flows through the speaker and pushes it to create soundwaves. Another new feature on the Powertone III is the OTS circuit. Koch Greg Koch Signature Amp Koch Amplifiers Dealer Canada "Shop Where The Pros Do" 604 682 4422. To us maintaining one of the highest quality standards is of the utmost importance because we want to become a well-known and respected guitar amplifier manufacturer. Impedance or resistance is the matter in which the speaker resists the audio signal. Parts such as output tubes and output transformers are not able to withstand these high voltages which often results in severe damage to those parts. Consequently, there's no output transformer, which reduces the overall weight by several kilos. A tube amp tries to maintain its output power and as a result of that it raises its output voltage if the impedance of the load gets higher. In a tap water installation, the current is the water flowing from the tap. Both taps together will supply twice the water current. The LB120 Loadbox II is available in a 4, 8 or 16ohm version. Koch Jupiter 20 Watt Junior Combo Koch Amplifiers Dealer Canada "Shop Where The Pros Do" 604 682 4422. Channel-1 offers a wide variety of sounds from sparkling cleans with tons of headroom all the way through moderately overdriven sounds. This is one of the reasons that tube amps sound different than solid state amps, they react different to the speaker’s dependence of frequency. In order to create a more authentic sparkle and to allow the Presence control to operate on both the Clean and the Gain channels we’ve relocated the Presence control to the power amp section. Koch amps and amplifier accessories ensure that sound is delivered flawlessly. If a tube amp gives full power at a 4 ohm load, it might generate even 70% or more of it’s power at 8 ohms (instead of 50%). The OTS circuit should be considered as an on-board effect unit which you can turn-on or bypass with the footswitch. The only two effects available were reverb and tremolo and top of the line models had one or both effects built in. Isn’t ohms used for resistors? The remote control input can be used with midi switchers or other external switching devices. Voltage is the height of the audio signal that an amp offers to a speaker. So the total current will increase to twice the value. Koch's Jupiter combo is a hybrid design, which blends a pair of 12AX7 preamp valves with a clever solid-state output stage that promises to provide all the dynamic punch and sonic warmth of valves. Although their speaker outputs behave similar to tube amps you can safely disconnect the speaker and play them without a speaker or load connected. The OTS circuit is a little tube amp that can be overdriven to create real power amp distortion at any volume level. A resistor has the same ohm value throughout the whole frequency area, this ohm value is called resistance (R). As we saw above more current is the result of a lower resistance. Especially tube amps for guitar do not generate a constant output voltage. If you connect two speakers in series (see diagram below), both speakers will resist the audio signal more than one speaker and the total current will get less. With tube amps this is totally different. Effects Loops Explained by Dolf Koch – Series vs. With the footswitch you can switch from Rhythm to Solo volume giving you more power to make sure your solos will always be heard. If you do that you will not damage anything. If the speaker is disconnected, there’s no load and the amp’s output power is zero. The Recording/PA output offers you a Speaker Emulated sound coming from a microphone placed in front of your speaker cabinet. Since the introduction of the first “Radiola” moving-coil loudspeakers in 1926, we use the word “impedance” to define how much a speaker loads an amplifier. Effects Loops Explained by Dolf Koch Nowadays, an effects loop is an integral part of almost any musical amplifier. The value of this impedance is specified in “ohms”. In a tap water installation this is the same as using a second tap next to the first tap. The Official range of 2018 Koch AmpS T-Shirts. And isn’t a speaker a totally a different thing than a resistor? As you might know, the output power of solid state amps varies with the load resistance of the speaker. Koch Amps Made in Holland. In the graph you can see that the 4 ohm (3.99) impedance of this speaker is an average (or nominal) value. The ‘Distortion’ channel –Channel 2– has been re-voiced to a unique American style character. Depending on the output power, the power section features either two or four EL34 Power tubes. To celebrate 30 years of Koch Amps we have some special Koch 30th Ann T-shirts and 2 new special t-shirts that matches the new “The Greg” signature amp. The Koch Superlead also features both pre and post FX loops for adding tone shaping pedals before the pre-amp, and modulating pedals after the pre-amp. In order to accommodate a Koch speaker cabinet or any other extension cabinet, the back panel of the Powertone III features five speaker output jacks for connecting 4, 8 or 16 ohm speaker cabinets.

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