whipped goat cheese mousse

Add the herbs, garlic and honey and mix in gently. You can even place the cheese under a heat bridge if necessary. ¼ Cup Heavy Cream ; 3 Tbsp Honey; 8 oz Sour Cream ; 4 oz Goat Cheese (room temperature) 1 tsp Vanilla Extract ; Zest of 1 lemon; To serve: Your favorite Pound Cake, Mixed Berries, Balsamic Reduction ; Directions . Spoon into a piping bag or bowl and refrigerate until needed; For the beetroot & decoration: Peel and slice the beetroot thinly – about ½ cm thick. Once all incorporated, gently fold in the whipping cream. Using a stand mixer fitted with the whip attachment, whip together the heavy cream and honey until you reach soft peaks. I also love to pair whipped goat cheese with crusty bread such as sourdough! Aside from veggie sticks, you can serve whipped goat cheese as a spread! https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/goat-cheese-mousse-red-wine-caramel Use a butterfly whisk to mix the goat's cheese until smooth and then slowly pour in the white wine mixture. Combine the goat cheese, cream cheese, garlic, red pepper flakes, lemon zest and thyme leaves in a food processor. For the goat’s cheese mousse: Beat the goat’s cheese or curd until smooth. Ingredients . Goat Cheese Mousse. Whip for 60-90 seconds until … Cut the goat's cheese into blocks and allow to reach room temperature. Beat the whipping cream into soft peaks. Reduce the white wine to ¾ and add the gelatin. Cut up a freshly-baked baguette and lightly toast the pieces, and serve the bread and whipped goat cheese alongside a cheese ball for a fun and unique cheese platter appetizer..

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