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However, 60-40 splits have become popular. With a 60/40 schedule, the child spends 60 percent of the time with one parent and 40 percent with the other. Parenting Plan Single Parenting Parenting Quotes Parenting Hacks Parallel Parenting Kids Schedule Divorce And Kids Child Custody Co-parenting Plans Explained: The alternating weeks schedule: Your … This is also known as 60/40 custody. Here are some common types of 60/40 custody schedules: Every Extended Weekend. When you’re deciding on how to make a 60/40 custody schedule work, it’s important to keep in mind the ages of the children. Common 60/40 Custody Splits. The options are abundant and may be customized but, if you are sharing 50/50 custody, there are a few common practices that exist for rotating the schedule. This is a little more straightforward as far as common custody arrangements go. It enables each parent to plan for their respective major and religious holidays. This type of arrangement benefits the child by giving equal time to each parent, allowing regular interaction and consistency. It’s a simple schedule that you may find works for your situation. Today, the vast majority of North Carolina judges strive for a 50/50 parenting plan, but when those are not possible will work toward other types of arrangements, including 80/20 custody or 60/40 plans. It works well if both parents want to spend substantial time with the child but want fewer exchanges. For examples of time sharing based on other common physical custody percentages schedules, for example, 60/40, 70/30 and 80/20, visit www.custodyexchange.com. A 60/40 joint physical custody agreement means that the child spends 60 percent of their time with one parent and 40 percent of their time with the other. There are many ways to put a 60/40 custody schedule into place, and if both parents are in agreement, they can largely make whatever schedule they want. Every child custody plan must address issues like physical custody, legal custody, visitation schedules, who will make important life decisions for the child, as well as day-to-day decisions. Some parents may balk at the idea of having their children less than their co-parent. It's important to realize that while one parent may technically have custody of the kids 60% of the time, that doesn't mean that they're with them more. Plus, it gives children security because they know where they’ll be during specific holidays. Types of 60/40 Custody and Visitation Schedules. Why Is a Holiday Child Custody Schedule Important? A holiday schedule, sometimes called a “holiday visitation schedule,” allows parents and children to make plans. One parent gets the child during the week and the other parent gets the child on the weekends. Parents share equal time being in custody of the child (or children). 60/40 Custody & Visitation Schedules: 2 Most Common Examples Click here to see examples of 60/40 parenting time schedules and what situations work best for a 60/40 schedule. Common Custody Scenarios 50-50 A 50/50 schedule works the way it sounds. Every Weekend Custody. They may be in school for much of that 60% custody time, for example. 60/40 schedules are considered joint or shared custody schedules because both parents have significant and frequent contact with the children.

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