world's hottest chocolate bar

Dairy Milk - Best You can’t say a bad word about it. This one of a kind chocolate bar is only 1.5 x 1 inch in size and weighs a mere 0.14 ounces, but you should be warned that even the tiniest nibble can burn you up. The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar by Vat19 may look tiny and cute, but it is actually unbelievably hot, and can even be dangerously spicy for some people or animals. Use the molds to make 8 chocolate bars and 8 chocolate nuggets at a time, and then customize them with your favorite fillings and toppings. Here are some of the best ones we could find on the market. Login/Register access is temporary disabled. © 2007 - 2020 GeekAlerts. Each of these hottest bars contains 35 calories and weighs 4 grams only. I’m not sure why you want to try this, but there’s always a few daring people out there. You could take a huge bite of one of the hottest chili peppers on Earth and that would still be much less painful than taking a small nibble from this cool new World's Hottest Chocolate Bar. The extract has a Scoville Heat Unit rating of nine million; that’s 900 times hotter than a jalapeno! Here’s the pepper that is literally the king of all peppers: the Bhut Jolokia which is the World’s Hottest Pepper. If you perform a search online, you will find videos of people attempting and some videos of other daredevils completing this 12-minute challenge, and of others simply trying this unique dessert. dimensions: 1.5” x 1” x 0.12″ (3.81 cm x 2.54 cm x 0.3 cm). As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The spiciest chocolate does contain actual chocolate but is certainly not the sweet chocolate which we are all used to. The World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar has a Scoville Heat Unit rating of nine million… Yeah, that is hot – 900 times hotter than a jalapeno to be exact. But if you like challenging yourself and your taste buds, it’s the perfect way to see what you’re made of. GeekAlerts has shown you some spicy foods in the past, but the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar might be at the top of the list. This infernally hot chocolate bar is made from tasty milk chocolate infused with a sinister hot chili extract that reaches up to 9 million Scoville Heat … All Rights Reserved. Now you can add Ass Kickin’ Habanero Popcorn to your list of […], Are you ready for more spicy fun? Top 5 Best Painter’s Tape for Trims, Skirting and Interiors, The alternatives to the World s Hottest Chocolate Bar, Tabasco - Spicy Dark Chocolate Wedges - Round Tin - 50g, Psycho Chili Poppin' Mud Pie with Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) 100g, It is a great gift idea for a spicy food lover, Vegan, organic, rustic Mexican chocolate disks with Guajillo Chili, Made with cacao milled by hand-carved Oaxaca millstones from granite  according to the Mexican traditions, It is GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, organic and vegan, It offers a superb complex flavor of sweet and organic chilies, Vegan, organic spicy hot cocoa with added cinnamon and cayenne pepper, For the perfect tasty cup of hot cocoa with a special kick, Made of all-natural, high-quality products, fairly traded, Contains cocoa from the Dominican Republic, Sugar from Peru and Vanilla from Paraguay, Dairy-free chocolate with spicy cayenne and cinnamon, All organic, inspired by Ayurveda, this is a healthy and delicious chocolate, Contains pure organic cacao butter, real cayenne peppers, cinnamon as well as raw honey, No added artificial scents, colors, and flavors, 25% of the sales are donated to a charity for underprivileged children, Premium quality gourmet dark chocolate made in Germany, Made of the finest cocoas from South America, It contains natural chili extract for a decadent, delicious taste with added heat, Made of swirled Belgian white and milk chocolate with added lime, dark chocolate, popping candy and Naga Jolokia Chili (Ghost pepper), It offers a unique tasting experience with a spicy kick, Best enjoyed when eating one piece at a time, Suitable for chili appreciators and daredevils, It comes in a fun package, making it suitable for a gift, It is made of Ecuadorian cocoa powder and premium turmeric, You can make the perfect cup of hot cocoa with only 4 tablespoons of the product. If you’re trying to avoid the sweets but have an undeniable love for chocolate, the Instant Regret Chocolate Bar is exactly what you need to teach you to avoid chocolate as if your life (or at least your taste buds) depended on it…the same goes […], Freezing Han Solo in carbonite looked really cool and of course allowed Han Solo to survive, but Jabba wasn’t fooling anybody. How to Remove Calcium Deposits from Faucet? It is likely to burn more than if you gobble up an entire jalapeno or other extremely hot chili pepper at once. Not me. The manufacturers of the world’s hottest chocolate bar admit that they didn’t feel comfortable packing this product in larger shapes and packages because these 0.14-ounces are all that you will need. If you’re a huge health buff and are picky with the sweets you eat because you’re not into having chemicals in your chocolate (but really, who is?) There’s only four grams of chocolate in this bar, but believe us when we say that’s much more than any sane person would want. The ice cream […], I know that many of you love hot peppers. If provided it will not be published or shared. For comparison’s sake, the current world record for hottest chili pepper is “merely” rated at 2.2 million. If you like to test your abilities and are ready for all kinds of extreme experiences, you can sign up for the dare made by Vat19. The Dark Knight Joker 10″ Figure, LEGO IDEAS Friends Central Perk Set #21319, Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina Glass Coasters, Funko Pop! 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