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The piano action in the Yamaha p125 isn't comparable to the ES8 action and as a piano (in the round), the Yamaha p125 is inferior to the ES8 in every way except for the sound. Unfortunately this is one of the limitations of the internet - sometimes you just need to feel and hear the piano for yourself. If you’re unsure whether the P515 is worth the extra money, you’ll need to go and try both models out and see what you think. To me, that makes for a compelling argument for the P515 and one that’s hard to ignore. They have made it easier than they used to by putting buttons on the fascia, but fundamentally I still feel that if you’re not familiar with the controls, you’ll need to keep the manual close at hand. In this situation, the P125 is a much better bet. Both can still easily be slung under your arm and moved around (if you’re relatively fit and able). Incidentally this is exactly what we’re looking at in the Yamaha P125 vs Yamaha P515. The P125 also features a good Yamaha piano sound - although it doesn’t seem like it’s from the CFX. The P-125 also has separate speakers for bass and treble but the speaker cones are smaller and don’t employ the twisted cone technology. Yamaha P Series Yamaha P515 Yamaha P125 ... Yamaha P-125 vs P-515 portable piano comparison review. If you get good enough at the piano, you will almost certainly be replacing the P125 if you choose to buy it at some point. In summary the P-125 does give you a good spread of sound but the P-515 gives you scope for more subtlety and finesse which advanced players will appreciate and beginners will benefit from as they progress. These are both sampled sounds, with some of the most incredibly realistic effects, such as sympathetic and damper resonance using Yamaha’s VRM technology, almost exactly like you’d get on a real piano. The keys are graded on both the P125 and P515, so they’re lighter in the treble and heavier in the bass. Again I will try and translate into layman’s terms. The P-515 uses a cutting edge piece of sampling technology called ‘Virtual Resonance Modelling’ (VRM) which simulates the whistling, howling, echoing sounds that the 9ft long cabinets produce on a concert grand piano. But where they differ is in the material the keys are made from. But if you plan on making regular trips with them it might be a good idea to buy a portable X frame keyboard stand. The Yamaha P515 basically includes any connection you can think of and then some. However, there will come a time when the P125 just won’t give you the expression, control and nuance you need to make music at an exceptionally high level, and that’s when you’ll need the P515. PSR E363 Tutorial; PSR EW300 Review; PSR EW410 Review. If you’re in the market for a digital piano you will almost certainly have come across both these models. There are several things here - including the modes you get, the voices, expanded metronome, transposition, polyphony, etc - however I’m going to focus on the two areas where I feel the P515 gives the most value over the P125. This might not seem like such a huge problem but it can be if you’re playing a gig and want to use the built-in speakers, or you want to play along with a backing track. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of each of these pianos. However, consider the long term. Both of these pianos can be purchased as just a stand alone piano (along with the music rest, power adaptor and manual which come in the box) or in packages including the custom made wooden stand and 3 pedal unit which provide a more traditional set up and make the whole thing look a bit prettier. With so much in common, it’s easy to see why choosing between the Yamaha P115 vs P125 can be a tough decision for anyone looking for a starter digital piano. This happens when you’re only clapping your hands so imagine what it’s like when you actually playing the keys! The P125 features two 14W speakers on either side of the keyboard, whereas the P515 features two 15W speakers plus two 5W tweeters on either side. The P-515 has a 16-track recording facility but P-125 only has a 2-track. The P515 wins out on every one of our areas of analysis (except price) but it’s hard to argue that this is a logical choice for someone who isn’t already playing at a high level. It’s an incredible instrument. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, most pianists won’t ever use even half of these, so it’s up to you whether this is a selling point. In this respect, once you play the P515, you won’t ever want to go back to the P125 - you will notice the limitations straight away, and I imagine you’ll be very disappointed after having played the P515 at how much better it is. The P515 in this case is a much better bet. In this blog I am pointing out the major differences between the two models but I should also mention that there are other specifications that differ too. If you’re serious about your playing, the P515 is by far the better buy. The P125 is a very new beginner level instrument (2018 release) and it will sound the same or similar to the P515, however, it isn't that good. The P-515 trumps the P-125 in another respect too when it comes to the main piano sounds. The sound effects produces are vast and varied and can be harnessed by a good player into a performance. The biggest difference aside from price is the key mechanisms themselves. For example, a beginner is going to find the features on the P515 overkill. The P125 is equipped with Yamaha’s dated Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action, which I can’t really recommend to anyone other than a beginner pianist. So in this blog we are going to make clear the biggest and most obvious differences between them. Why is this a good thing? And I must say, Yamaha has done an excellent job in this regard - it’s a very convincing (if a little heavy) action that feels and responds very much like a real piano. However, it all depends on your budget and your skill set. Customers like Yamaha P125 noticeably more Yamaha P125, the cheaper option, tends to get more favorable reviews than Yamaha P515 [4.8 vs 4.5 ]. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Yamaha P125 is more popular There are also more piano sounds equipped to the P515, as well as including all the additional sounds the P125 includes, plus 18 drum and SFX voices, and 480 additional XG voices. Let's jump into which of these keyboards is best and why. However, you should evaluate exactly what your needs are in this regard, and plan accordingly. However, the saving grace for the P125 is that if you have an iPad, you can connect the iPad to the keyboard with the Smart Pianist app, which allows you to control all the functions of your keyboard using your iPad. This range is an excellent choice for beginners because of the price but also for experienced players that require something of quality that they can travel with easily. USB-to-Device is also missing on the P125, which is present on the P515. However, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worthwhile for you to spend the extra money. This makes for a compelling experience - but again, the keys on the P125 are made of plastic, and feel very synthetic and artificial compared to the P515 which makes for a much more natural piano experience. Do not underestimate the value of this because after hours and hours of rehearsal or practicing an exam piece it can be really refreshing to change the piano to a different type, and personally speaking I have come to prefer using the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand as it suits my own playing style more than the Yamaha. That is the purpose of VRM and P-515 uses it. Nonetheless, both speakers are as you’d expect from Yamaha. Take a look at some of our most recent articles! These individual connections may not be important to you, but I feel like if you’re using this piano for performance, or you’re composing on it, there will come a time when you’ll need to use these connections, and if you buy the P125 they won’t be there. P125 Review. Allow me to translate this into layman’s terms; Both the GHS and NWX actions feel just like a traditional piano action, that’s to say there is resistance in the key and they feel slightly heavy to the touch. It is high time Yamaha brought out another entry level action to replace the GHS - it’s dated, limited and unpleasant to play at this stage.

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