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Some packaged freeze-dried yogurt bites will absorb humidity and become a bit hard to chew/swallow for babies, but … Your yogurt melts need to stay in the frozen until ready to eat. You can look into the dirty dozen here for the top fruits to buy organic. This is an easy dessert recipe that is prepared with just three ingredients i.e, fresh cream, yogurt and condensed milk. Piping out of a zip lock bag works best with a tiny cut in the bag. AllNaturalMothering.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Liked this idea? You can also try my 3 Ingredient DIY Chocolate , or my Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies recipe. They don’t come out perfect in shape, but the taste is great, and they simply disappear in a couple of minutes! Allowing your baby to get the healthy fats it needs for brain growth. They are cooling on those hot days and the perfect soothing snack for sore teething gums. I made mine 5 cm in diameter Freeze for approx 2 hours. You can still grab my Crazy Easy 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Dinners And my clever 3 Step way to store your little girl’s headbands. Indefinite Always supervise your little one when eating. To make these Homemade Yogurt Melts dairy-free. I highly recommend a plain yogurt, flavored at home with fruits and a little honey or maple syrup. Put yogurt mixture into a zip lock bag or piping bag. You can also add some natural colouring like beet juice, turmeric powder, spinach juice and blueberry juice to create deeper colours for feeding a picky toddler. Not to worry if this happens as you could break it up into smaller pieces and eat that way. Follow this homemade baby yogurt melts recipe. If the bag gets clogged, get a bowl and run your fingers over the end to release the fruit stuck. Opt for organic yogurt, wherever possible. Keep stored in the freezer until ready to eat in an airtight container or ziplock bag. Tasty combinations include strawberry and banana, apricots and pear, pears and peeled apples, or mixed blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Any fruits high in water, hard fruits, and acidic fruits might not be the best options for this recipe: Want to add in natural food colours to give them a burst of colour try these ideas you only need a little bit start with a few drops and go from there: (safe to introduce after six months of age): If your little one is allergic or sensitive to diary, you can switch out the cows’ yogurt to a goat yogurt, coconut yogurt, or almond yogurt. Homemade Yogurt Melts. No problem; you can make a dairy-free version outlined below. Click to select the duration you give consent until. Not sure why your baby needs those, keep reading. As always, p. lease make sure these ingredients are still appropriate for your baby. Pop them in a bowl and add in yogurt. Just a reminder, children under one year old are not supposed to eat honey Going to try these with pure maple syrup, Your email address will not be published. I believe in simple recipes made with high quality ingredients. This is our last post for Easy as 1..2..3.. Week! When To Change Bottle Nipple Flow Size? Ingredients: 1/2 cup of Organic Greek Yogurt (I buy the most fatty one, at least 2% and preferably whole) Organic Fruit (I use about 1/4 cup but you can adjust the amount according to your preference) Organic raw honey (optional) I made this batch with strawberries and used 4 strawberries in 1/2 cup of yogurt but you can make them with any fruit your kid likes or by combining fruits. Hi Deanna, I am glad you liked the recipe. My son loves yogurt melts! These homemade baby yogurt melts are best suited for six months of age and older (when they get their first teeth). You can also try adding some spinach, kale, carrots, beets or cucumbers. Probiotics are. Stir and spoon onto a lightly buttered cookie sheet. Learn about the health benefits of eating raw honey here: Benefits of Raw Honey. Yogurt melts are nice, because they really do melt. Commercial yogurt bites go by a few names: yogurt puffs, yogurt melts, and yogurt bites. Pop them in a bowl and add in yogurt. Allergy to milk? It was not good. Toddlers will love eating these yogurt melts too! You can place these Homemade Yogurt Melts into a cont. Did you know that you can easily makes these treats at home? Replacements are easy to incor porate in this Homemade Yogurt Melts recipe to accommodate milk allergies, food preferences, or food intolerances. If the. Make sure the yogurts you are buying are very thick. Begin by pureeing 2 cups of your baby's favorite fruits in a blender or food processor. Readers who fail to consult with a medical professional assume the risk of any injuries. Allowing your baby to get the healthy fats it needs for brain growth. Not sure why your baby needs those, keep reading. Cooking Hacks, Fun Food Ideas, Snack Treats homemade, yogurt, yogurt melts. It also seems to help slow … So always make sure to place back in the freezer, so they don’t melt. Wondering–do these need to be eaten frozen or will they maintain their shape? They are first of all super expensive and after reading the ingredients (loaded with sugar and preservatives), I decided to try making them myself. To make these so-yummy-you-won’t-believe-it-or-even-crave-ice-cream treats, simply: Cut berries up tiny, we used strawberries and blueberries. Some juice from blueberries to make blue. Use this homemade baby yogurt melt as a base recipe and let your imagination run wild with all the different types of fruit flavours and combos you can create. Other types of yogurt will be too runny. We love to hear how your babe enjoyed these baby-wed homemade yogurt melts. are my kid’s favorite. These Vegan Yogurt Melts are super simple with just 2 ingredients needed, unsweetened vegan yogurt and freeze dried fruit, and about 5 minutes of prep work. Using a ziplock bag, cut a tip and carefully put drops in a tray on top of Parchment Paper. Then add about twice as much plain yogurt (greek yogurt is a great option for your yogurt melts) and mix everything well.

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