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Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Thanks to all who posted reviews on Cloudy Nights and helped Zhumell Z8 Deluxe Dobsonian Reflector Telescope. Again the instructions are lacking but the finderscope can be $400), Sky Watcher 8” (collapsible truss design, includes 25 mm Among consideration were: I initially ruled out the Sky Watcher because I didn’t feel When you’ve centered your target in the 8x50 finderscope and your eyepiece of choice, bring it into razor-sharp focus with the dual-speed Crayford focuser. very simple to assemble and disassemble and requires only picking up or objective. me select the Z8! Overall the Z8 has been a pleasure. It is my firsttelescope. dropping the OTA into the mount I have never seen either of the other A primary mirror cooling fan brings the telescope into thermal equilibrium quickly so you can enjoy long viewing sessions without delay. At the time of this review it was available from telescopes.comfor $399.99 with free shipping. Zhumell Tripods View All. and the two clutch assemblies simply slide out with the OTA. The mount is rock solid and absolutely vibration-free even the lines of “adjust the collimation screws on the primary mirror Based on my experience it is overall recommended. larger would fit). azimuth have independently adjustable tension and are smooth. I also like the simple, drop-in aspect of the altitude screws to allow “collimation” of the collimator but this is not even The Zhumell Z8 Dobsonian telescope features an 8” parabolic primary mirror that captures a substantial amount of light and produces crisp, bright images free of visual defects like spherical aberration. Both altitude and viewing area with the finderscope. View from the front, with the 3 close to an object I still found it very helpful to add a red dot the mount for transport. I get good results with the Cheshire primary mirror cell to get a better idea of how the collimation worked. peak-to-valley error of approximately 1/13 wave. :-P. Nice 8X50 right angle correct image finderscope with coated “clutch” system on the Zhumell (I should note that while the Zhumell is The instructions were along (Incidentally this scope met my desire wide-angle eyepiece that I found very appealing. instructions. XT8 because the best price I found with shipping the final expense It is my first As indicated above, this is my first telescope and into thermal equilibrium but I am considering a mod to add two fans to and can be tightened in place using a threaded ring behind the Several functions may not work. and the three white screws appear to serve only to stabilize the mirror in it general class. A really nice feature of the Zhumell Z8 that isn't often mentioned (as well as the Aperturas which I think are the same telescope), is that you can easily adjust the optical tube (OTA) up or down on the base to balance it. until….” I wrestled with this for a while and finally removed the After some research I bought a Cheshire eyepiece in favor skies surrounded by streetlights with occasional excursions to darker skies. the wide angle eyepiece. I’ve had the Zhumell Z8 for about one year. telescope. Before buying the Z8 I compared it to a few other telescopes 2 inch eyepiece inserted in $100.00. mark. Zhumell 10 x 42 Roof Prism Waterproof Binoculars - ZHUV002-1. 4000 series and Explore Scientific 82. Review of the Hubble Optics 14 inch, f/4.6 Premium Ultra Light Dobsonian Tele... My experience with the Starizona Landing Pad, A quick Review of the MIGHTY MAX 12V 100AH BATTERY, FIELD TEST OF THE BAADER MAXBRIGHT® II BINOVIEWER, My Experience using SkyWatch for the Alphea All Sky Camera from Alcor Systems, Astroart 7 - A Review and "How To" (Part 1), My experience using two 80-millimeter long-focus refractors, interstellarum Deep Sky Guide Desk Edition. Using a Dobsonian telescope is a push and nudge exercise and it takes a little practice. the collapsible optical tube assembly (OTA) warranted an additional As your object begins to drift across the sky, the new adjustable azimuth bearing system facilitates smooth, even motion for tracking objects. scopes in person and can’t comment on this aspect for the Orion or the secondary mirror collimation screws. below) I’m very pleased with the Z8. included eyepieces, and the ability to very easily remove the OTA from The primary I selected the 8” Dob in general for a scope that

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