zinus night therapy icoil 13'' euro boxtop spring queen mattress

You may want to go to a mattress store and try some memory foam mattresses to see if you like the feel. I loved all the different layers as you get more support and the mattress forms to your body in all the right places!! This is a purchase that needs to be done old school, actually go and test them before you buy. We purchased this mattress six months ago when we moved into our new home and still cannot wait to lay down in it every night. We purchased the frame too and it is great. We could probably sell it.Let me also note: My husband is an army dentist. The smell goes away in about a day and a half if you leave a window open. I thought it would come in a tiny roll like all the other memory foam in a box mattresses I see on Amazon. I should have returned it and gotten something with more give. While laying on it, your body will not sink in much at all, maybe 2-3 inches at most since your weight is evenly distributed.The king mattress arrived in a huge box. After I see how it holds up over time I will report back. I purchased this mattress after doing a lot of research. This mattress is really nice. I wasnt sure about ordering a mattress online when i haven't seen or touched the bed but i read a lot of reviews and decided on this one. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. We know that we'll be moving in 2 years, and for $500 we could always get a new one later. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. I may as well be sleeping on the kitchen table. The layers of the memory foam have come apart and shifted. Also it takes time for the foams to expand. I still wake up feeling awesome with no aches like my old mattress started giving me. I unrolled it and the mattress immediately took shape. The king is a great size. Love it. Truly unbelievable! It was delivered to my door on ... it is still awesome and no dips in the mattress yet. After about a week, all my back pain was gone after my body got used to this mattress.However, this memory foam mattress is very firm. We slept on it the first night anyways.I am a side sleeper, and my husband is a side/back. I was skeptical about purchasing a memory foam mattress, but this is the most comforatble mattress I have ever owned. Great for a good night’s sleep, every night. I have no idea how it might hold up to heavier weights, but if you are close to us then there should be no problems. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. I laid on the bed a few hours after I opened it and I sank all the way to the bottom. I would highly recommend this to anybody. the only negative I would mention is the smell/off-gassing. Wow! It was just too hard to sleep on. I'm 6'3" and couldn't handle another night of leg pained caused by a soft un-supporting queen size mattress. I attached pics of what happened.I would recommend just investing a little more in a different mattress that will last longer and provide comfortable sleep for more than a year.ORIGINAL REVIEW:My husband and I are both in love with this bed! UPDATE 3/18/16: I am updating this from a 5 star review to 2 stars. Zinus can't even respond to an email in 30 days which their return policy states and all they would have to do is put a new cover on the one I want to return, I even asked if I could just try a different mattress from the and received a scripted response again somehow misspelled and poorly written. This mattress offers both King, Queen and Full sizes. This was a great deal. Slept on it after about 36 hours and it was fine. The individually pocketed springs make turning around in bed very comfortable. The Elite version foundation does not squeak if you are looking for privacy during "mommy daddy time." As far as the smell, ours did smell at first, left it 24 hours with the window open and a fan on. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. Bought one a few years ago through a Groupon with Sears & it has held up well. Even as heavy as I am I only sink into the foam an inch or 2. but none the less, you still sink in just not as much as i was expecting. We have not experience heat issues either (although I would tell you to simply get lighter covers if you did have these issues). Get performance ratings and pricing on the Night Therapy Euro Box Top Spring mattress. i was hoping for more of a sinking feeling. I really haven't had a problem with foam mattresses doing this before, but I am not happy with this purchase. Customer service is in some far off land that responds to emails extremely slow and with scripted responses. I wouldn't call this mattress really cooling, it does run a little warmer than a non-memory foam but I've adjusted and it's fine, still no regrets. BUY THIS MATTRESS, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! Available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. I am disappointed. We use our bed to sleep, work, watch TV and other things. I am so sad that I am stuck with this mattress. This layer contours around your body without getting too hot. We have been sleeping on this bed now since September of 2014. It comes in a big box (rolled up) and it's super heavy! I highly recommend this mattress for side sleepers! Read all the features and detailed night therapy icoil mattress reviews below. After one year, there are no signs of wear and tear. I have the bed on the floor. The FedEx driver helped me push it into the house, but I was able to do the rest on my own (I wanted to let it fluff so we could sleep on it that night). We thought if it wasn't amazing it would at least be better than what we had. I just can't do 0 pillows.I am happy to report that my headaches/neck pain is a thing of the past! I followed the instructions by allowing the mattress to sit for 48 hours after unpacking. The mattress is better than I expected and I have slept better in the last 2 weeks than I have slept in years. I read hundreds of reviews because like most people I was very skeptical about buying a mattress online. I do not recommend taking the chance of getting one like I got. Will update in a year or if anything negative happens. Shop the #1 Amazon rated Zinus memory foam mattresses, iCoil spring mattresses, and hybrid mattresses infused with Green Tea. I run 5 days a week. He prefer a hard mattress and I prefer soft so we met in the middle and knew immediately this was our new bed. Night Therapy Mattress Review. The open cell memory foam provided in this mattress offers improved movement of airflow along with a pressure relief system to provide customizable support to your body. This mattress is very hard, especially if you sleep on your stomach. Some have had complaints about firmness. It came very quickly, and set up just as fast!

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