zur control cedh

Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Yahenni's Expertise activations. Maybe you can set up Next, try to play Zur while you can hold up at least 1 counterspell for him; or give him haste immediately. Delay The newest members extrapolated the core group's ideas and sought expanded Hogh-Powered play, possibly cEDH foundations._. is remarkably similar, although probably easier to cast. Necropotence This can be awkward to set up a . Notion Thief probably works best at defending the Voltron win; you just hold up your counterspells and swing with Zur to put together But basically I now think this card is far too good to omit. And Sphere of Resistance or a right now, but it's an option if your metagame has a lot of and you have 25+ life, you can draw 20 and just one-hit someone with commander damage using if you're playing against stax decks that are literally trying to beat you to death. I frequented conventions, GPs and international events. Arcane Laboratory Talismans and Mana Crypt cease damaging while remaining functional. Late Game (turns 6-8) : Establish Control. again. We can try to stop those with the tabernacle of pendrell vale or Play Island, cast Sol Ring and Dimir Signet. Necropotence Back to Basics Response?". , Hermit Druid and People wait until they have a bait spell to test what's on top of your library, or wait until someone else loses a spell to the counterbalance. I was mislead by players whom misjudged and/or misrepresented their deck strategy, card quality, skill level and/or GRPC Knowledge because they were the most winning player in their pod. , Rule of Law permanents. The latter was easier. Winter Orb The ideal situation is where you have a handful of counterspells and Zur in play. Zur CEDH by ElQuintoTeletubi Report Deck Name $ 2,793.77. . Empyrial Armor or Sensei's Divining Top Spirit is fetchable by Zur unless you have Mystic Remora May 6, 2018, Primer Drafted! Necropotence We implemented more Vintage and Legacy concepts and philosophies into EDH as we created. Supreme Verdict Pod Player: "I play casual. As a consequence, most enchantments are played at 0; Transmute Artifact tutors into play for 0 additional mana, except in few cases. Complete Comment Tutorial! Blind Obedience- Dramatic-Scepter win condition. Grasp of Fate The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale . , etc), making it indispensable. Misdirection There's basically a third piece, . ", Me: "For others. This deck does not win by paying 30 life and instant winning with a combo. in play because you can always pay 1 life to get a new card on top to try and counter your opponents' next spell. It's possible you can cast one of these from your hand and do it faster than 2 consecutive Zur triggers. Grafdigger's Cage Type of win: An early Blind Obedience can lead to a Dramatic-Scepter win when opponents cannot interact with enchantments. Rhystic Study Windfall Counterspell Rofellos was critical for balancing the top percentile. - fetching out white is frequently pretty important. , Ad Nauseam Me: "If your pod does not mind, the High-Powered player can face me, and my friend can play with your group since he is out gunned. Vanishing Misdirection or Ancient Tomb might be the strongest card in the whole metagame. or decks that are trying to resolve important instants, or in general if you find yourself doing a lot of fighting on the stack. If so, it is legal because an Aura only targets when it is cast, Zur's ability puts it into the battlefield and Auras do not target when it finds something to attach to, it simply attaches though the permanent has Shroud, Hexproof or both. Similarly, you can also run This is my 14-year-old and refined Zur the Enchanter Prison decklist that has evolved since Zur's first print, Summer 2006. However, in matchups against Tyman the weaver it's probably worth using since they're likely to get their card draw going earlier than us. Misdirection Terms of Use | : This is basically for Porphyry Nodes

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